Senopati Strip 3D

Senopar-T: an idea about the future of Senopati Strip

Senopati Strip (informally: Senopar-T) is a term from RYZ to define the area along Jalan Gunawarman and Jalan Senopati, which is shaped like a ‘T’. The definition is based on the intended use of space on the Senopati Strip, which is filled with various lifestyle and business retail spaces, interspersed with the presence of large houses. The development of the Senopati Strip cannot be separated from its strategic position as a traffic lane connecting the South Jakarta area with SCBD. However, initially, this area was not designed to receive the traffic load and massive commercial activities as it is today.

Senopati Strip 2D
Senopar-T 2D view

This casual internal view was prepared partly driven by our interest in the phenomenon of the development of the Senopati Strip, both from the real estate aspect as well as the urban planning and spatial planning aspects. Apart from that, we also regarded the Senopati Strip as an area that could serve as an example of the urban retail lifestyle and entertainment business development in Indonesia.

“We have been watching the Senopati Strip for several years now, and we are both curious and excited about what the area could be like in a decade” - RYZ Property Consulting

After all, we believe the "Senopar-T" will remain to be the forefront location for retail lifestyle and entertainment businesses in Jakarta, if not in Indonesia, for many years to come. Of course, it would not be without challenges. What do you think?

This idea has been presented on 10 August 2021 in the Jakarta Property Institute (JPI) - Obrol santai JPI: Senopati ramah pejalan kaki, mungkinkah? which hosted by Steve J Manahampi from JPI and attended by key panelist Archica Danisworo from PDW Architects, Ardi Jahya from Airmas Asri Architecture, and Merry Morfosa from Dinas Cipta Karya, Tata Ruang, dan Pertanahan DKI Jakarta.

Care to know more? Download the PDF presentation by clicking the button below.

Author: Restaditya Harris & Andrew William

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