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Questioning TAPERA and its effectiveness to solve our housing crisis problem

TAPERA. What comes to your mind when you hear that word lately? a hope? or gruesome? extra cost? or is it an entirely something else? For those who missed the latest hype in Indonesia's real estate industry, here is a brief summary for you:

Tabungan Perumahan Rakyat (TAPERA) is a product of Law Number 4/2016 which just recently being complemented by Government Regulation Number 25/2020 (GR 25/2020). While the creation of the Law Number 4/2016 was four years ago, the idea of TAPERA itself has been introduced in Law Number 1/2011 about Perumahan dan Kawasan Permukiman with an intention to fulfill the human rights of every Indonesian citizen to live in proper and adequate housing. The GR 25/2020 was signed by President Joko Widodo and came into effect since 20 May 2020, however, there are some keywords that sparks hot discussions among the relevant stakeholders.

Either if you are Indonesian or foreign individuals who have an interest in this topic, you might want to give a closer look at these points: three percent contribution from wages, compulsory for nearly every domestic worker, and cheap mortgage for those who eligible.

Finally, we have asked yours but if you want to know what is in our minds, please continue to read our article: Questioning TAPERA and its effectiveness to solve our housing crisis problem

You may read and download the article by clicking the button below. The article is available in English and Indonesian. In the end, for those who interested to read Law Number 1/2011, Law Number 4/2016, GR 25/2020, and the Academic Paper used as the justification for the creation of laws about the TAPERA scheme in full, we have provided links to download the documents in PDF format.

PS: We would love to hear what is really in your mind though, so if you want to discuss this further with us, please send a message through any communication channels.

Author: Restaditya Harris

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