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What caused the unaffordable housing in Jakarta?

"It is 2020, and yet you still find it hard to buy your first house? Don’t worry – you are not alone. From New York to Tokyo, all megacities around the world are facing an unprecedented housing crisis. Millions of people, especially the first-time buyers, will agree that affordability remains the primary and widespread factor that caused the housing crisis in many big cities."

This publication is the second installment in our "Unveiling Real Estate" series and marks the beginning of a dedicated mini-series focused on the pressing issue of housing affordability in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta, the nation's capital. Our team has conducted extensive research and analysis to understand the profound impact of unaffordable housing on society and its far-reaching consequences.

In this article, we delve into the root causes of the unaffordable housing crisis, exploring the economic, social, and policy-related factors that contribute to this complex issue. We examine why housing in Jakarta has become increasingly out of reach for many residents and discuss potential strategies and solutions to address this growing problem.

Discover our insights on the causes, underlying reasons, and potential solutions to this pressing issue by reading our article:

Understanding Real Estate: What Caused the Unaffordable Housing in Jakarta?

We will continue to delve into and uncover this issue in future articles, providing a comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations. In the meantime, please read and download the full PDF report by clicking the button below.

Author: Restaditya Harris & Zikril Hakim

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