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COVID-19 pandemic and how long real estate assets value will hold in Indonesia?

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are crucial questions about its impact on Indonesia's real estate sector. We need to understand how this will affect property values and what lies ahead as we move towards a "new normal."

The idea of a "new normal" implies a period of adjustment to the changes brought by the pandemic. While temporary, it's essential to anticipate and manage any economic disruptions during this transition.

Many people will agree that COVID-19 is not a “black swan event” but rather a fit to an event that occurs “once in a hundred years.” The appearance of COVID-19 has been long predicted by the scientist, and this is not the first time in human history such flu pandemic ravaging across the continents around the world. The social and economic impact of past pandemics has been written in the history book, and we can learn not to fall into the same situation as our ancestors, although now we realized it is not that easy.

Our latest insights on Indonesia's real estate industry explore these issues, drawing on historical context and core real estate principles. The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges, altering market dynamics, investor sentiment, and consumer behavior in real estate.

As we analyze the resilience of property values in Indonesia amidst the pandemic, we must consider factors like shifts in demand for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, changes in financing, and government interventions.

The article also looks at future scenarios for Indonesia's real estate market. Will property values recover post-pandemic, or will we face an extended period of adjustment? These questions are crucial for policymakers, investors, developers, and homeowners.

You can read our detailed analysis in English and Indonesian by downloading the report below. We value your insights as we navigate the complexities of Indonesia's real estate landscape post-COVID-19.

Author: Restaditya Harris

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