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COVID-19 pandemic as a force majeure: our insight

"In invoking COVID-19 pandemic as a force majeure, the parties shall refer to the contract that has been made, whether a pandemic such as the current condition can be categorized as a force majeure – so in determining such condition, it needs to be examined on a case by case basis, as the definition of force majeure may differ. In practice, it is rare for a commercial contract to include a pandemic as a force majeure."

During these unprecedented times, we would like to explore whether the current COVID-19 pandemic can be considered a force majeure, significantly hindering business actors' ability to fulfill their contractual obligations. This analysis is crucial as it determines how businesses can navigate their commitments during such disruptive periods.

COVID-19 as a Force Majeure: Our Insight

Discover our legal experts' perspectives on the potential for the COVID-19 pandemic to be recognized as a force majeure under the Indonesian Civil Code (ICC) and its consequent impact on the real estate market in Indonesia. Our report delves into the legal nuances, case studies, and implications for various stakeholders in the real estate sector.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical issue and its broader ramifications, read and download the full PDF report by clicking the button below.

Author: Rafi Hadyanda

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