Indonesia's New Capital City Concept: Nagara Rimba Nusa

Where is the location of Indonesia’s new capital city, and why it does matter?

After a long wait, we are proud to finally publish our first-ever internal view series:

Unveiling Real Estate: Where is the Location of Indonesia's New Capital City, and Why Does it Matter?

This inaugural article is dedicated to exploring the recent phenomenon of the 'land rush' in East Kalimantan Province, following President Joko Widodo's announcement of Indonesia's new capital city on 26 August 2019. This pivotal decision has generated significant interest and activity in the region, making it a focal point for real estate development and investment.

There is a dream that has been around since Indonesia’s independence in 1945 that once initiated by the former and first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, to build a new capital city of Indonesia. The new capital city will not only demonstrate to the world that Indonesia is a great nation with advanced capabilities, but also driven by politic, strategic, and economic factors. By the end of President Joko Widodo’s administration first term, this dream might be finally coming true. An announcement by President Joko Widodo regarding the new capital city of Indonesia was made on 26 August 2019 as the first little step of the capital city relocation grand plan. As expected by most people, the location of the new capital would be in Kalimantan Island. The final decision to put the pin on the map at East Kalimantan province is a bit surprising, although understandable without the need for further debate.

Our article delves into the reasons behind the choice of location, the expected impact on both local and national scales, and the broader implications for Indonesia's future. We provide insightful analysis and expert perspectives to help you understand the significance of this development.

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Author: Restaditya Harris & Zikril Hakim

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